Training in the Community
Local Giving
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    Basic Sign Language Students

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    Intergenerational Learning

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    Intergenerational Learning

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    Our Photoshop Class


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    Our 10th Anniversary

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    Two of our many City & Guild Passes

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    A Couple of our ECDL Students

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    Our Youth sessions are always a success

    They are held Wednesday and Thursday, from 3.30 to 5.30


Apart from training, we offer various other services within the Centre:

Just drop into the Centre and we'll get you sorted!

Other Services

Specialist Equipment

The I.T. Centre has specialist I.T. equipment in order to assist our disabled learners. We have a SMART board installed that allows those learners with impaired motor functions, interact with not only others, but the tutor as well. This equipment also allows those with a visual impairment to see images more clearly as they can be magnified to a much larger extent than on a normal monitor. We also provide a large QWERTY keyboard for those who have a visual impairment, a rollerball which assists learners who have difficult controlling a mouse, and SuperNova software which has a speech recognition package installed to enable learners to direct their PC's using voice control rather than the keyboard itself. All of these items allow us to offer a wide range of learning to the whole community, ensuring that we reach those learners who otherwise would not be able to have the opportunity to learn and some of the organisations that have used these specialist tools are Mencap Haswell, and the Stroke Association.

Price List

Membership of the Centre and use of the computers and Internet is free but charges are incurred for the following:-

  • B&W Printing/Photocopying - Single sided
- 10p (A4) 20p (A3)
  • B&W Printing/Photocopying - Double sided
- 15p (A4) 30p (A3)
  • Colour Printing/Photocopying - Single sided
- 30p (A4) 60p (A3)
  • Colour Printing/Photocopying - Double sided
- 45p (A4) 90p (A3)
  • Black & White Photographs
- £1.00 (A4) £3.00 (A3)
  • Colour Photographs
- £1.50 (A4) £4.00 (A3)
  • Passport Photos (Non-government)
- £2.00 (for 4)  
  • Laminating
- 50p (A4) £1.00 (A3)
  • Binding
- £1.00 per doc  
  • Fax
- 50p (UK) £1.00 (Int.)
  • Typing
- £1.00 (A4)  
  • Blank CD/DVD
- £1.00 each  

Shotton I.T. Centre is always looking at ways to respond to the changing needs of its users. We aim to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and government initiatives to guarantee that we are at the forefront of our service delivery.