Training in the Community
Local Giving
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    Basic Sign Language Students

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    Intergenerational Learning

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    Intergenerational Learning

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    Our Photoshop Class


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    Our 10th Anniversary

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    Two of our many City & Guild Passes

    Go to the Courses page for more info on courses by City & Guild

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    A Couple of our ECDL Students

    Go to the Courses page for more info on the ECDL course

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    Our Youth sessions are always a success

    They are held Wednesday and Thursday, from 3.30 to 5.30


Shotton Partnership 2000 Ltd. oversees all aspects of the I.T. Centre and it is the responsibility of the Board to find funding to ensure its future.

Shotton I.T. Resource Centre was established through funding from sources whose aims were to meet the needs of the whole community:

Since then we have received funding from a variety of sources including:

The management and staff of Shotton I.T. Centre would like to thank funders past and present for all their support. With their continued support, we will be able to go on delivering a quality service from our successful Centre.